Saturday, February 04, 2006

Republicans Take Good Care of the Rich and Thier Rich Kids

The Republicans can't seem to do enough for the rich and their rich kids. It would be awfully difficult for Buffy and Reggie to get by on half a trillion, you see. So eliminating inheritance taxes is one of the highest priorities for Republicans right now, other than trying to distance themselves from all those corrupt Republicans who tell lobbyists how much they have to give to be taken seriously.

First, every Michigan Republican in Congress voted to slash student loans for those too poor to have daddy pick up the tab and now they are all getting ready to vote more breaks for the kids who can buy their way into any school they want. All the Michigan Democrats in Congress vote against slashing student loans.

Tuition is rising too because Republicans in Lansing and Washington have also cut other funding for colleges. So Buffy and Reggie will need the extra bucks. So what happened to the compassionate conservatives? Their hearts only bleed for the rich. They are just selectively compassionate.

But there is nothing better than a little humor to poke fun at the obvious. In fact, the Boston Globe just gave an award to the folks that put together a TV ad with a parody of Paris Hilton thanking her Republican friends for not messing with her inheritance. Read the story and watch the ad from this page:


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