Sunday, January 29, 2006

Last Week for Recipes

The Isabella County Democratic Party Cookbook is nearing completion and there is just one more week before it is finalized and ready to go to press. Local, regional and national Democrats have all contributed to the effort.

Now in the final week  with more than 200 recipes the ICDP Cookbook is beginning to look both impressive and delicious. We were initially concerned about not having enough recipes. Now we are concerned that Democrats who really ought to have a recipe or two in there are not yet represented. But there is still a little time, but it is running out. By meeting our deadline we will be able to get the very best price on our printing costs.

Thanks again for all those who have contributed especially those with multiple entries and many thanks to those very busy elected officials, including two former presidents, whose recipes will grace our publication. Recipes or questions can be sent to


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