Thursday, February 09, 2006

Local Taxpayers Subsidizing New Mt. Pleasant Wal-Mart Developments

Just as we suspected, local and state taxpayers will be subsidizing the development of the huge new shopping centers where the new Wal-Mart Supercenter and Sam's Club are beginning to be built. The Republican controlled Union Township Board of Trustees and the Republican controlled local Road Department agreed to all of the subsidies.  The complete story is in today's Morning Sun.The developers will only have to pick up a small part of the cost of widening Bluegrass Road, but we still don't know how much that will be, but the taxpayers share amounts to almost a million dollars with $300,000 coming from county taxpayers, another $300,000 from Union Township taxpayers and $375,000 coming from a state grant. So if you wonder how Wal-Mart gets the low, low prices -- it comes from exploiting everything they can including local taxpayers. Our local small businesses who have to compete with Wal-Mart are actually subsidizing Wal-Mart too, every time they pay their local and state taxes. It must make our local Chamber of Commerce a bit uncomfortable.


Blogger Bob said...

Did you see the state didn't cover their end of the bargain?

From the Morning sun.

2:02 PM  

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