Monday, February 13, 2006

Did Wal-mart hit a speed bump?

The Morning Sun reports that the bill to help fund the new Wal-Mart, didn't make it out of the house:

But the House version of the Bioport bill wasn't attached to the Cropsey bill. That version, sponsored by Rep. Scott Hummel, R-Dewitt, passed the House and was adopted by the Senate, and now is on its way to Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

Cropsey's proposal is highly controversial, because Wal-Mart Corp. is widely believed to be behind the possible Mt. Pleasant project. Several labor unions, particularly the Service Employees International Union, have rallied to oppose the project, saying Wal-Mart is anti-union.

The Senate passed Cropsey's distribution center bill last May, but it has languished in Hummel's House Appropriations Committee ever since. Hummel hasn't said whether the committee will take any action on it or not.

Local government officials have confirmed the existence of a plan code-named Project 700 to bring as many as 700 jobs to the area, but have never confirmed or denied that Wal-Mart is behind the possible project.
I have no idea what this means, the article did state that the money may come from other sources. But Lansing gets the vaccine maker, we get the Wal-Mart?

They got the gold mine, Cropsey gives us the shaft.


Blogger Marco said...

I am proud to announce that February 16, 2006, Mr. Dave Camp was brave enough to co-sponsor
"H.R. 4774. A bill to amend the Clean Air Act to require that, after the year 2012, all gasoline sold to consumers in the United States for motor vehicles contain not less than 10 percent renewable fuel and for other purposes; to the Committee on Energy and Commerce."

What an incentive! Way to go Dave! short, in one of the rare moments our Member of Congress spoke up, he once stuck his neck out for no one and gave business 6 years to come up with next to nothing.

2:29 AM  

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