Monday, January 16, 2006

Time to fight against Alito...

The time stand and fight for our rights is now. This the time to raise hell. The only phone number you need is:


Ask for Levin, ask for Stabenow. Tell them we need to filibuster Alito. Remind them what John Paul Jones, the Naval Hero of the Revolution, said:

"Give Me a Fast Ship for I Intend To Go In Harms Way."

Here's what Steve Gilliard tells:

The people who need a different America, soldiers, Wal Mart employees, don't get the time to call Congress. We do. So keep in mind, if you do nothing, the people who catch it in the neck isn't you, but someone who's already struggling and doesn't need another burden. You aren't just fighting for yourself. Every time you read about Wal Mart, and get pissed, remember, you're not just protecting your rights, but a lot of people who have no voice. That's why we do this, not just to vent your anger and express your frustration. America has left a lot of people behind, and if no one else want to think of them, it is our moral duty to do so.
We need to get out there and do our part.


Carl Levin: 202-224-6221
Debbie Stabenow: 202-224-4822


Blogger John B. said...

Great timely post about a critical issue. I've made my two phone calls and the staffers I spoke to were very helpful.

One of the reasons so many of us worked so hard to try to defeat George Bush in 2004 is because we dreaded what Republican domination of this country could bring us.

Bush has now confirmed our worst fears, that he would set our country back decades with appointments to the Supreme Court and that is what Alito on the court will do. Our democracy is at stake,

9:26 PM  

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