Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Republicans Want Americans to Believe Everyone Does It, But It's Another Republican Lie

The Republican spin machine is still alive and well and spinning wildy now as more Republican heads are about to fall. With the aid of the Republican controlled media, they want America to believe that it isn't just Republicans who have sold out America to their crony capitalist buddies.

But the Abramhoff mess is a Republican mess, a Republican scandal, and key Republicans selling out America for power and greed. Our Democratic Party Chair laid all the cards on the table Sunday for CNN's Wolf Blitzer. Howard Dean told Blitzer this is a Republican scandal and that only Republicans were involved.

Dean had obviously done his homework and Blitzer was buying the Republispin that everyone does it. You can check out the whole conversation here and see the video too. It's well worth a few minutes of your valuable time to see Blitzer sputtering.


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