Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Can We Save The Environment From Bush?

First there was the Clean Sky initiative that actually produced more air pollution and then it was the Healthy Forests initiative that destroyed more forests. Then it was scores of executive orders which have turned back the clock 30 years on most of the environmental measures we have taken to provide a healthy environment for ourselves and our grand kids.

It's hard to tell just how far Bush will go to reward his big industry buddies at the expense of the rest of us. Our friends at a national coalition of environmental groups tell us the Bush administration has overturned the landmark Roadless Area Conservation Rule, leaving nearly 60 million acres of our last remaining pristine forests at risk from damaging logging, mining, and drilling operations.

We need your help to stop the Bush administration from selling off our roadless forests to the highest bidder. Will you join the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have already signed the Citizens' Petition to Protect Our Roadless Areas? The nation’s largest and most influential conservation organization are planning to file the Citizens’ Petition next week, so please sign the petition by Monday, January 30th.

Our roadless forests allow us to enjoy nature and wildlife, provide us with sources of clean drinking water, and contain habitat for many endangered plants and animals. Without the Roadless Rule, national treasures like the Tongass National Forest in Alaska and California's Sierra Nevada region are at risk from logging, mining, drilling, and road-building.


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