Friday, November 11, 2005

Dems Rewriting Iraq History? Hell, Yes!!!

President Twig today accused Democrats of rewriting the history of Iraq. When history includes lies, distortions, and misconceptions history needs a rewrite.

You gotta hand it to Karl Rove. When you are under attack, you don't admit anything and you attack the attackers. Smart strategy that might work with the small percentage of people who have blind faith that the emperor has clothes.

But for the rest of us, Bush's counter-attack smells as rotten as the rest of the nonsense about WMD's and the Saddam-Al Queda connection.

It brings to mind another bit of history that has been revised too about Viet Nam and George Washington. The Gulf of Tonkin attacks were a lie and it wasn't really true that Washington cut down a cherry tree. The only difference between Washington and Bush is that one could never tell a lie and the other could never tell the truth.

When history needs a rewrite, who better to do it than Democrats. Now we need to work on rewriting the history of the 2000 and 2004 elections. Most historians got that wrong too.


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