Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Give "em Hell, Harry!!!

Today I was proud to be a Democrat. Sen. Harry Reid, our minority leader in the Senate, and a bunch of other Dems got together and decided they had enough BS and foot dragging on holding the President accountable on lying us into Iraq.

It's about time the Democratic members of the US Senate got some spine. Glad to see Carl Levin was right in there amongst the rabble rousers. Now we need to show them the Dems really are the opposition, not just Republican light. I am gonna send Harry an attaboy e-mail.

(Go here for the email form http://reid.senate.gov --bob)

(Update- Read DailyKos on why Reid did it. There is a whole litnany of reasons. Also, the Republicans caved, I am hearing talk that a 3 Dem and 3 Rethug committee will have a report out by Nov 14th.)


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