Sunday, November 06, 2005

Would It Be Immoral to Hang Cheney by the Thumbs?

One can make a case that the Bush administration has not lost it's moral compass because it never had one. The issue of torture is a case in point. You can not torture people in our country because it is unconstitutional. The US also has signed the Geneva Convention which prohibits torture and yet, depite proof that torture does not garner reliable information, our vice president is doing everything he can to allow torture to continue unabated.

By every standard of human decency, torture is immoral. But our evil vice president behind closed doors has been pushing Republican senators to look the other way and at the very least allow an exemption so the CIA can torture folks at will. Now there is evidence his efforts to champion torture have been going on for some time

Republican Sen. John McCain, who knows torture first hand, is leading the charge against Cheney's assault on real American values. Chickenhawk Cheney, who talks tough, managed to sit out the VietNam War while McCain was a POW. Does anyone in this Bush Administration have a shred of decency left?

I'll vote for anyone for Congress next year who says they will work to impeach Bush and Cheney. The votes should be there. What more evidence do we need besides illegal wars and promotion of torture?


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