Friday, October 28, 2005

A Dick Cheney story...

...last year during the election, Dick Cheney came to Albuquerque (where we were in '02-'04).

I went up to the Repbulican party headquarters to get some tickets. I was in full republican garb, sleasy salesman, nice pressed pants, shined shoes, and a smarmy grin.

The fella at the counter asked me some questions, and gave me a questionaire to fill out. I dutifully gave all my info. I flipped the page over to see what was on the other side. There it was...the bushkateer loyality oath. The infamous "I do herby endorse George W Bush of The United States" loyalty oath.

I kinda shrugged it off, said yeah right, and skipped putting my signature. The guy brought me my tickets and I moved on. Just as I was about to hit the parking lot I decided to go and grab some stickers to deface. (Lizzie had a great custom KISS/HEINEY'04 sticker on her van all election) I popped my head back into the office to grab the stickers. The office had gotten busy, and a woman came bustling holding a questionaire.

"This one didn't sign the oath!" she told the whole office. "We must make sure that we get the oath signed, we do not want any (riff-raff) with the vice president. Be very careful."

That's when I realized, they were trying to keep me out. Dick Cheney was scared to let me see him speak. Well, as much as I'm less proud of the intruption, I am pretty happy that I called him a liar, twice, in the quiet gym while he was speaking. I'm sure Dick understands, it's what a lot of us believe, and some things just have to said right, Dick?

That his office has been tainted by treason, putting politics above the American people, is disgusting. Any Republican that defends or tries to blow off the charges are the most insidious of traitors.

Dick Cheney and his minions are bad for America. They try to hand down orders, and crush dissent with a ruthless flare. His dishonesty has killed tens of thousands in the wars that rage on. They make the US less safe.


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