Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Gotta Feel Gooooood About Tuesday Elections

The signs were ominous both across the country and even locally that government for the people can work if folks put their minds and hearts to the task of winning back the country. The Tuesday, Nov. 8 election said nationally that the politics of greed. corruption and torture are not what the American people want.

Locally, the people said that leaders who support the common good and even promote projects that will cost money, but have a positive community purpose, a real investment in community, will be successful. Adam Miller, one of the staunchest supporters of our local Democratic Party, running in a non-partisan election for Mt. Pleasant City Commission, showed courageous political leadership in championing the Borden Building project, a multi-million dollar public-private cooperative historical preservation and development project. The voters responded favorably granting Adam a well-earned re-election to the city commission where he has served as Mayor of Mt. Pleasant. It's great to see a young courageous politician doing what's right to move a community forward.

It was also pleasing to see the community supporting our local schools system with 3-1 support for a renewal millage.

But even more compeliing for the future of our country was the clear repudiation of George Bush who rushed to help a Republican candidate for Governor in Virginia. The Democrat won. In California the Terminator is on his way to being terminated and the thinly disguised right wing agenda was defeated there too.

Republican think tanks will be working hard to put a new face on neanderthal trickle down economics calling it by new names and coming up with new schemes and rationalizations for stealing from the poor and middle class, but it doesn't really work just putting more lipstick on this trickle down pig. It's still a pig and now it is beginning to look grotesque.


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