Thursday, November 17, 2005

County Fairgoers Told Us in August The War was Over

Way back in August at the Isabella County Fair we talked to hundreds of Democrats and Republicans and the sense we got then was the people were way ahead of Democratic leadership on opposition to the war in Iraq. Our post on Aug. 14 now looks psychic after today's events in Washington. Today now even the most conservative of Democrats, a former Marine and veritable champion of the Pentagon, calls for US troops to be out of Iraq in 6 months. When Rep. John Murtha, of Pennsylvania sees the light and outlines a plan for withdrawal two months after we knew it was over at the county fair, that is remarkable. Working the County Fair was an eye opener for all of our ICDP fair workers. It was fascinating to see there really is a tremendous amount of Democratic support out there if we just ask for it. Although our focus was on Social Security and the minimum wage at the time, many of the people wanted to talk Iraq.

Give em hell, Harry and John too. Makes us feel good to see Dems representing the people who sent them there. Yes, Bush and Cheney will call us names, but f**k them. This is not about Dems and Repubs, it is about a failed and stupid endeavor to take us into war at any cost. Murtha needs a pat on the back. Here is where to send him one easily: Shame on Them: Tell Col. Murtha Not to Back Down

We can't wait to see Carl and Debbie join the chorus.


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