Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dress to Kill

We've all seen how Sen. John McCain has proven his ability to relate to the common American people. I mean, which of us hasn't forgotten how many houses we own? We all have brain farts, right? And of course, I'm sure every one of you would agree that someone who makes two million a year, or three million a year, is still middle class - after all, you're only rich if you make five million dollars a year or more.

Maybe McCain has forgotten how many houses he has because he can't remember if he bought a house or an outfit for his wife with that last expenditure.

Tonight I saw an article in Vanity Fair that you might be interested in. While Laura Bush exercises some restraint, stepping out in an ensemble with a pricetag between $3,500 and $4,500, it would appear that Cindy McCain has no such qualms. Her outfit weighs in at almost one hundred times the price of the First Lady's, at around $300,000. Her earrings alone cost $280,000, which is enough to buy a house.

Is the man who spends enough to buy a house and a half on earrings for his wife the kind of 'fiscal conservative' you want in the White House?

Read about Mrs. McCain's outfit here, and read this one to put it in perspective.


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