Sunday, September 14, 2008

When “waffles” is not a verb, but a noun, like Obama Waffles

When the far-right neo-con/Christian (“Let’s take the country back for Jesus!”) folk get together at a quasi religious/political convention, all sorts of amazing ideas and products start popping up. 

People who are not connected with these organizations are kept out or only given limited access to their nutty excesses. Since the mainstream media have all but abandoned investigative reporting, the people who have taken on the task are independent bloggers who are willing to put themselves in uncomfortable situations to get past the PR spinners. A blogger by the name of Larisa Alexandrovna has done just this in this exposé about a racist product–Obama Waffles– that was apparently a hit with Lou Dobbs at last week’s Family Research Council hate-in. You can read her story here.

In addition to the racist product, the comments by good Christian folk that she recorded while not being surprising are none-the-less disappointing in a 21st century America. 

A word of caution: if you have high blood pressure, be sure to take your medication before reading the article. 


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