Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Conservative See-Saw

I've heard the term 'flip-flopper' tossed around before. Back in 2004, I could barely hear myself think, surrounded by the din of my impressionable, outspoken, conservative Republican classmates denouncing Kerry. "FOUR MORE YEARS" was scribbled on anything that stood still for long enough, slogans were made up and repeated until you couldn't even recognize that dead thing they were beating as a horse. But the buzz-word, the one flying until the air was thick with it, was 'flip-flopper.'

My classmates brought up issue after issue that Kerry had changed his mind on, until it got to the point where I was glad I was too young to vote. The sheer amount of anti-Kerry claims I heard, coupled with my young (and uninformed) age, drove me away from the Democratic Party to the point where I didn't much care for Kerry, but I still knew I sure as hell didn't want to let Bush keep the reins. As much as I opposed Bush, I didn't know how I felt about having a president who couldn't decide what his platform was. And of course, the relentless chant of "Flip-flop! Flip-flop!" was pounding in my ears all the time.

But, my, how the tables have turned! I can't wait to see how my conservative classmates back up their Barracuda Barbie's indecision. Governor Palin insists that she is fighting pork-barrel spending, and yet she's in the barrel up to her elbows, with both hands - Alaska's request for special spending projects is the highest per-capita figure in the States. "We killed the Bridge to Nowhere," says Palin - but we find that she supported the bridge before it became a national symbol of unnecessary spending. Now that Hillary Clinton is safely off the ticket (and Palin safely on it), Palin is all praise and pity, with pretty speech about Clinton's grace, grit, and determination. However, earlier in the race Palin accused Clinton of whining. Very tactful, Sarah. I'm impressed.

And Senator McCain is backing up his VP candidate, telling borderline lies in her defense. According to McCain, Palin never supported federal pet projects during her term as governor. A brief look at her record tells a very different story.

That's not all. Palin's views are even further to the right than Senator McCain's: among the gems are support of a complete ban of abortion, even in the case of rape, and a staunch opposition to stem-cell research. For contrast, McCain would allow abortions in the case of rape or incest, and supports stem-cell research.

Do we really want a woman whose only continuity lies in choosing the stance that will further her career in a position to be our president? This election, every vote counts. Register yourself and your friends; donate, if your pockets are deep enough; volunteer, if you have time. You can pick up a list of numbers to call at the Obama office, and you can make these calls whenever you have a spare minute or two. Every little thing helps, and we need your support!!!!

Read more about Inconsistent Sarah here.


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