Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Letter to Morning Sun about Dave Camp’s accomplishments

Representative Dave Camp has been running campaign ads in this paper listing his various accomplishments (although I doubt that building a fence along our Mexican border is worth bragging about). In his humility, he had omitted his most important contributions, so I will list a few of them for him.

He has consistently voted to increase the national debt to record highs, made the rich richer while at the same time reducing funds for education, health care, programs for the poor and the elderly.

He has been a real patriot, supporting the war in Iraq that has killed countless Iraqis, killed 3000 Americans, injured or disabled 44,000 Americans, then wrapped himself in the flag as he voted to reduce veterans benefits. Along the way, he voted to limit free speech and allow spying on his constituents.

His most recent accomplishment was his vote to suspend the 800 year-old rule of habeas corpus while giving President Bush authority to torture, “interpret” the agreements of Geneva Convention, and declare any of us “unlawful enemy combatants” and imprison us without charges, or lawyers, or trials, depending on whether he’s in a bad mood or not.

Dave Camp has accomplished this in just two years. When you vote this coming Tuesday, remember these proud accomplishments. When you vote for Dave Camp, you can hold your head high because you know you have given your consent and approval for him to continue his important work.


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