Thursday, November 09, 2006

Justice Is Not Revenge

Now that we can finally pry the fingers of the corporate robber barons from around our necks some of our Democratic leaders are beginning to sound conciliatory just because Rummy is gone.

But we old fashioned rank and file Democrats didn't work our butts off to elect Democrats just to make nice with Republicans who treated us like dirt just a few weeks ago and that includes George Bush.

Although I don't believe George Bush should get the same treatment as Saddam Hussein, we do expect our new majority to right the wrongs, expose the graft, punish the guilty and tax the hell out of the rich and pass it back to the rest of us. A solid, not a wimpy increase in the minimum wage is a minium we will expect and rolling back the tax cuts for the rich. Jailing the war profiteers and seizing their ill-begotten gains and handcuffing their accomplices is not revenge.

It is justice and we will expect no less from the leaders we worked hard to elect. A national health care program for ALL Americans should also be a high priority. Get 'er Done!! If that Texas village idiot wants to veto it, let him. If Republicans want to uphold that veto, let them. We expect you to fight for the people, because we fought for you.

It's not revenge, it's justice we want.


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