Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Eve of Victory

Democrats never win.

My friends and I are in our twenties. Since becoming active in the party over the last six years, we have rarely seen it win. We've only witnessed the dismantling that started in 1994. Indeed, nearly every candidate and proposal I've voted for has been defeated. Most of the candidates I've worked for have lost. We see ourselves as a weak party, not a strong, ruling majority. Because all we've seen is Democratic defeats.

Our world might turn upside-down tonight.

The Elders in the party don't understand this. They already picture the Democratic Party as strong. They witnessed the heyday of the party, controlling the U.S. House for forty years. Forty years--that seems like a lifetime. Indeed, nearly twice our lifetimes. For us young bucks, dealing with Republican rule for the last six years has seemed like a lifetime. But Democrats in power for forty years? Democrats? That's unimaginable. The point is that older Democrats can comprehend a strong, ruling Democratic Party. They saw it firsthand.

We never have. It's not part of our self-image. That might have to change.


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