Monday, February 20, 2006

President visits to tout Granholm's innovation

That is what the headline should read in the Morning Sun tomorrow.

See this post from Detroit Wonk :

So, here comes President Bush, in town today for his obligatory stop in his piece-meal strategy to end the culture of "addiction to oil", by stopping in on a United Solar Ovonic plant in Auburn Hills this afternoon. He plans on touting his similarly piece-meal plan to increase investment in the development of clean power sources for automobiles. But hopefully, this will be an opportunity for President Bush to figure out a way to end his history in office of being a roadblock to expanding Michigan's economy. Maybe he will actually have an agenda that shows how he is going to help foster innovative ideas and new technologies.


But here's the problem with President Bush's visit. This wasn't a project the federal government helped to foster. Rather, this was an example of Governor Granholm using what little power is available to a Governor in this global economy, to provide an innovative set of tax credits totalling more than $6.1 million and a $100,000 Economic Development Job Training Grant to United Solar Ovonic to expand this facility. In addition, Michigan's NextEnergy project helped to certify USO for additional tax credits which may help them over the next few years to continue to grow. This wasn't anything Bush or his Administration did. This was wholly a state-run incentive program. Even the federal dollars that were part of the EDJT are dollars that the Bush Administration has looked at cutting over the past two years from the levels provided under the Clinton Administration.

Make it so Mr Editor man.


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