Thursday, December 01, 2005

Politics and Morality -- Great Discusssion

For those of you who missed the Thursday ICDP meeting -- yes it was the best one of the year. But the good news is --- it has been videotaped for public access and as soon as we have some show times, we will let you know. For those of you without cable, we can try to have some of our friends tape it for you.

Here's just a notion of what it was like. Each of our four panelists had their unique approach and had much to add. Dr. Rob Noggle approached his task in a very thorough and academic way, reminding Democrats that the opposition does not hold the high ground on moral issues. Our first speaker Joel Welty reminded us just how immoral the Bush administration has been and spelled out in detail each of the immoral acts. Rev. Rob Barker spoke from a Christian viewpoint that Jesus was more involved in the moral issues involving rich and poor and the powerful and the oppressed than issues involving sexuality. Dr. Nancy White in her initial remarks gave us another view -- that what we are dealing with today involving politics and morality is a relatively new phenomenon in world history and helped us to put the discusssion in perspective.

Thanks to Dr. Charles Novitski, we will be able to see the entire session soon an Cable Channel 3. As soon as we have the times we will pass them along.


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