Thursday, December 01, 2005

What Do and Should Democrats Stand For?

Perhaps it is time to quit talking about what is wrong with the Republicans and begin to talk more about what we as Democrats stand for. The 1994 Republican Contract with America changed the way Republicans were perceived. Of course, they had a lot of media help, but did indeed create their own hype and it was indeed hype. Now we know better.

Despite what some Democrats may think, there are a lot of us working on and giving considerable thought to where we stand and/or should stand on things that matter to the voters. Clinton's brilliant labor secretary has an idea whose time may have come. Robert Reich has proposed a 10-point Covenant With America that gives us a starting point to focus on and it addresses all of the major issues including health care, education and the economy.

First let me add I don't feel his health care proposal goes far enough. I feel America needs a national health care system that covers everyone and a single payer health insurance system is one way to achieve that. Please feel free to register and add your comments on the Reich 10-point covenant.


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