Sunday, November 27, 2005

Montana Republican Subject of Probe Involving Sag Chip $3 million Federal School Grant

A Wall Street Journal article, Federal Influence-Peddling Inquiry Casts Wider Net, indicates that another Republican, U.S. Senator Conrad Burns of Montana, is a subject of the Jack Abramoff probe looking at misdeeds related to a lobbying firm that bilked millions from Indian tribes across the nation including our local, Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe.  Under former Chief Maynard Kahgegab, the tribe sought a federal grant to help build a new school. Additional details can be seen here from the Montana newspaper, the Missoulian headlined Report: Burns part of lobbyist probe


Blogger Bob said...

I graduated from the university of montana. while living there I wrote a letter to my senator's to ask them to keep the USAF from using Philmont Scout Ranch as a bombing simulation area.

Max Baucus sent me letter with a detailed description of what had done for me (including which general he had spoke to and when).

Burns sent me a form letter, as from a file named "hippie", telling me how important he thought the enviroment was

9:21 PM  

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