Monday, November 28, 2005

Just Another Good Republican Out For Himself

Was anyone really surprised when another Republican was caught in another corruption scandal? This time it was Good Old Boy Randy "Duke" Cunnigham from a nice safe gerrymandered Republican district on the outskirts of San Diego. Taking bribes from a defense contractor -- not too surprising.

This is what his web site bio had to say about him among other things:
"Several organizations have honored Congressman Cunningham for his work in Congress. Most notably, he has been recognized for his work as a fiscal conservative by such organizations as Citizens for a Sound Economy, the National Taxpayer's Union, and the National Federation of Independent Businesses. He has also been recognized by education groups for his tireless advocacy and by several law enforcement organizations for his tough-on-crime position."
That last part really gets me. He was tough on crime. Now it's crime's turn to be tough on him. Hope they hang the bastard and vote to reserve the death penalty ONLY for elected officials who betray the public trust. Do you suppose someone who buys a yacht and a Rolls Royce and only makes $160,000 a year might just be a tad suspicious. We shouldn't be surprised by the corruption, but the arrogance and stupidity is amazing. But what do you expect from a Republican Congressman? They take care of themselves first.

Here are some of the gifts Rep. Cunningham admitted receiving.


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