Sunday, July 31, 2005

Minimum Wage

One of the reasons we have chosen the minimum wage issue as one of two to emphasize at the Isabella County Fair is the gross injustice of so many of our citizens who have no or little hope for a better future while the wealthy and extremely wealthy are enjoying huge tax cuts and breaks.

The unfairness of the system that rewards the rich at the expense of the poor simply calls out for justice and most Michigan voters agree. It is unfortunate that many small business people inaccurately claim they will be hurt competitively by such a move. They simply don't understand that ALL businesses that compete with them will also have to abide by the same rules and also have to pass those costs on to their customers.

Past increases in the minimum wage have not led to the economic disasters that Republican propagandists have predicted and they will not now as any honest economist will acknowledge. Burgers may have to go up a quarter, so that some people may have less of a struggle to make ends meet. Republicans simply don't care about the least among us and State Democrats feel it is an issue that deserves our full support.

The minimum wage issue is now and will continue to be an important one both statewide and nationally. The 2006 election could very well be the turnaround election Democrats are hoping for, but we will have to work hard to make that happen. The minimum wage issue will be an important factor next year.

The Detroit News today has a major article with sidebars about the issue. You can read the Detroit News stories on the minimum wage here.


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