Monday, July 18, 2005

Republican Nonsense on Business Taxes

Republican leaders in the Michigan legislature are pushing for further tax cuts for businesses blaming "high" Michigan taxes for the state's economic woes. But at a time when state officials are forced to plan for further cuts in vital state services, Republican protestations are ringing hollow because they are simply not true.

Michigan business taxes are not the problem because Michigan business taxes are not high. In fact, Michigan businesses taxes are among the lowest in the US. Yes, you read that right. Forty of the 50 states have higher business taxes than Michigan. Yet, the Republicans would have you believe that making their corporate and fat cat buddies richer will solve Michigan's problems.

It's the Republican nonsense that began under Gov. John Engler that caused Michigan's problems. leaving the state with a huge deficit while enriching the fat cats. Schools, health care, roads, mental health don't matter -- the fat cats want their's first and everybody else be damned.

How do we know it's pure Republican BS? For a less emotional and more academic discussion of Michigan's taxes, check out this article


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