Friday, July 15, 2005

I like Eric Baerren...

He get's down to the bottom line in this editorial.

From The Morning Sun:
Even if it was an accidental exposure, it was an unforgivable mistake. The defense that he was simply steering a reporter from a bum story doesn't wash when it comes to clumsy handling of classified material. Anyone who's had a security clearance knows that guilt before innocence is the rule, and that ignorance of the rules, or what is even classified, is grounds for dismissal and other punishment. Heck, the president - a guy who prides himself on saying what he means, and meaning what he says - promised to fire anyone involved two years ago.
Karl Rove, and possibly other administration officials, leaked the a CIA operative's name for partisan reasons, which put our national security at risk. That's all that is important.


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