Thursday, July 21, 2005

Which Iraq is the Real One?

If you believe the Bush administration the war in Iraq is about bringing democracy to a former dictatorship and everything is going well. A new constitution is about to change everything over there. Most of the American press is buying it.

But you may have to travel to Europe to find the truth. The war in Iraq that 1,770 Americans have sacrificed their lives for and that we are taking 100's of billions from our economy is not leading to democracy at all. The new Iraq constitution sets women's rights back another 50 years, worse than under Saddam Hussein and the new prime minister of Iraq we helped to install is busy meeting with the fundamentalist leaders of Iran that the Bush administration still claims is a terrorist supporting country. The new Constitution for Iraq is based on "Islamic principles," but not the kind of benign seperation of church and state we supposedly have here. If you can stand to read more on this subject you can begin here.


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