Friday, June 03, 2005

From Bangor Maine - A forthright plea for impeachment

During Watergate the Washington Post was courageous. When Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers he went to the New York Times to shed light on the lies about VietNam. One has to wonder what America's once great newspapers have become.

Why do we have to go to a newspaper in Bangor, Maine to hear some simple truths about the events of the past few weeks and the now famous smoking gun, the Downing Street memo?
The local writer asks Maine's Congressional delegation to take action.

Writer Robert Shetterly warns:

We live a lie when we fail to hold leaders accountable for their lies. By not calling now for impeachment, we are saying that we condone hypocrisy, pseudo-democracy, and murdering thousands of Americans and Iraqis for strategic control of energy resources that we have no right to. Patriotism demands that we insist on the ideals of democracy, not that we support the "leaders" who cynically destroy them.


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