Thursday, May 26, 2005

Is it Revolutionary to Buy Gas at Citgo?

Perhaps you've seen this little spot on Common Dreams that suggests that one way to put your money where your political feelings are is to buy your gas at Citgo to support a leader who uses oil money to help the poor.

Here in Mt. Pleasant we have a Citgo station on Pickard right across the street from the Morning Sun offices. Might have to pay a penny more a gallon than Meijer. I am not so sure that Cohen understands how gasoline is distributed in Michigan though. It all comes from the same place, just different additives and colorings are added, at least that is what I heard working in Alma when the refinery was still open there. There were two refineries in Michigan then.

I filled up out at the Rez this morning at 2.08 per gallon and this afternoon it was up to 2.16 everywhere.


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