Sunday, May 29, 2005

Another Way To Remember on Memorial Day

As we stop to remember those who have fought in our wars over the centuries it is hard not to reflect upon what is happening in Iraq and why we are there. A new coalition of veterans organizations and peace activists has now organized a new effort to work together with others including Michigan's Rep. John Conyers to get to the bottom of that fateful decision to take us to war against a country that never attacked us. This is the site for the new organization called

They are proposing a "Resolution of Inquiry." which is the first formal step in the process of impeaching the President. It only takes one member of Congress to introduce a Resolution of Inquiry, which sets into motion, if approved, an investigation to determine whether there is adequate evidence to begin an impeachment.

You may recall that we told you about the Downing Street memo,,1-523-1592904-523,00.html
in our e-mail of May 8 and we referred to the memo as the smoking gun that shows that George Bush lied to our country in order to take us to war and that an invasion was being planned and the intelligence would be skewed to justify the war. If ever there was an impeachable offense greater than getting oral sex in the White House, it must be taking our country to war under false pretenses.

Rep. Conyers and 88 other members of Congress have asked the President to respond to questions about the Downing Street memo. You can add your voice to those of other Americans on this Memorial Day weekend by taking a few minutes to add your signature to those of us who want to know what really went on to lead us to war. If you feel like you want evidence before you sign, here is the entire memo

If you want to know why the press has not been adamantly demanding these answers you can talk to our own Charles and Peggy Novtiski, who attended in St. Louis, the National Conference on Media Reform

In the meantime you can remember all those who died in needless wars by going to this site and signing the petition now at


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