Friday, May 27, 2005

Garage Sale on Saturday June 25

The First Annual Isabella County Democratic Party Garage and Bake Sale is not just another fundraiser. It’s an opportunity to get exposure for the party and to win more friends. Liz Busch, an old hand at garage sales, has volunteered to coordinate the effort, but she has asked for our help. It’s all coming together on June 25 but Liz still needs a bit more help. In addition to more donations we also need some people to do the following.

1. Bring a truck or van – to pick up stuff
2. Helpers – to lift stuff onto trucks
3. Sale day assistance – to sort, mark, assist customers
4. Folks to bake cookies, cupcakes, etc.
5. Folks to talk politics and hand out literature
6. Folks to help the day before the sale and to help clean-up when the sale is ended.

Here is what we need for the sale:

Items to donate – clothes, old small appliances (working) , furniture, knick knacks, old tools, old computers, old anything, really.

Shopping Bags – Paper or Plastic

Old yard sale supplies – stickers, etc.

Coolers and ice – we will be selling bottled water and pop

Sign up to help by calling or e-mailing Liz Busch at 989-400-6813 or Let Liz know what you can do for your party.


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