Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Not to rain on the Social Security parade...

Kos over at Daily Kos directs us to this article by Bill Scher.

We discussed this at the last meeting.

Bill Scher:

In one fell swoop, Democrats should declare the following:

• The Social Security debate has ended, as the public has rejected partial privatization and is not demanding any hasty changes to the system.

• In turn, Democrats will no longer participate in congressional hearings on Social Security, and will not debate Social Security with Republicans in the media, at least until Republicans drop privatization.

• Instead, Democrats will begin addressing the real crisis of Medicare and skyrocketing health care costs, by putting on the table a few comprehensive reform plans, leading their own hearings to foster public debate and discussion about them, and culminating with a single plan for the party to run on in the 2006 congressional elections.

Democrats need to be ahead of the curve in discussing solutions to health care problems. Idea that can be done on the local level, like a tax on big box stores that don't give health care. How much money does our community spend to keep the employee's of Wal-Mart at a subsistance level? Our community does not need or have the funds to be subsidize Wal-Mart or their ilk.


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