Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Why we won't pander to "values"...

There was much talk after the election that Democrats need to have more values. Even "San Francisco Liberal" Nancy Pelosi (House Minoirty Leader) tried to talk about how she "goes to church".

Well, you know what:

This is just bullshit, as anyone who's ever been to a Harley rally in Milwaukee or a hunting lodge in the U.P. will surely know. Blue-collar Midwestern and Southern culture is as sacrilegious as it is sanctimonious and as libertine, if not much more so, as it is buttoned-down. Those suburban and exurban true believers in the Bush cause? We don't know them. They're friggin' pod people, those God people. But the Washington and New York cognoscenti look out on the hinterlands and see an undifferentiated mass of Passion-viewing, Terry-and-The-Babies-saving Rapture Christians.
Most Americans, whatever their degree of religiosity, accept that they're sinners, and like to relish in it on occasion, whether or not they scurry back to church the following morning to repent. We're a nation of furtive Skinimax watchers, porn downloaders and gangsta rap aficionados. We like our food fatty and our sex dirty. We play video games well into our thirties, and our favorite movies tend to involve fantastic chase scenes, explosions and gratuitious gore. On the whole, we seek redress for these indulgences in the pews or the gym - not at the ballot box. We are, in short, as profoundly libertarian in our outlook, shaped by our frontier history, as we are censorious, thanks to the dwindling influence of the Puritans.
That is what we need to remind voters of. We are not Counrty Club Repubs or Theocrats.


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