Friday, May 06, 2005

what's ailing america...

The Big Picture: Smart Money? Hardly: "The saying used to be, 'What's good for GM is good for America.'

That needs to be edited for the 21st century.

Today, its: 'What's ailing GM is what's ailing America' Consider that GM has sagged under the exhorbitant costs of a broken health care system. The bill is an additional $1500 - 2000 in health care expenses added on to the cost of each auto. That's as they compete with the Japanese -- particularly Toyota and Honda -- the world's most efficient manufacturers of automobiles.

That's like racing Jesse Owens while carrying a 50 pound pack on your back. That's a hopeless task.

Until GM gets the health care monkee off its back, they cannot compete effectively in the domestic automobile market."

The way I read it, GM is suffering because they promised to take care of the people who worked for them. Now, they are feeling it.

That's how I feel. (no insurance for baby #2, been swimming in about $7K of debt, hospital bill = $7K)

Of course my congressman only cares about Paris Hilton and her country club types.


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