Tuesday, May 24, 2005

So the deal is done...

A deal has been made to stop the Republican leadership from blowing up the filibuster. Many on the right are disappointed, and some on the left are, as well. But, as a minority, you take what you can, and Steve Gilliard tells us what is most important:

This stopped James Dobson.

A lot of you are glossing over the point about how dangerous this man is to the Republic. He's a theocrat and a dominionist. He wants to deny basic religious rights to anyone who isn't a Christian, and the craven lust for power of Bill Frist has allowed this man unprecidented access to the levers of government.

Remember, this was not a Democratic capitulation, this was Republicans breaking ranks to join a united Democratic Caucus. It's nice to see (and say) that, eh?


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