Monday, November 09, 2009

Open Letter to Dave Camp About His NO On Health Care

Representative Camp, when you voted NO on the House Health Care bill, you once again sided with the health insurance companies in denying Americans their moral right to basic health care.

You will have another opportunity to vote again in the final House vote. I hope you will, for once, take into account the number of your constituents who are either without, or struggling to keep, a basic level of health care for themselves and their families, while your corporate sponsors are raking in huge profits. I hope you will think about your constituents who are the working poor, who have jobs that pay no benefits because the companies cannot afford to cover their health care needs. I hope you will think about your constituents who are one hospitalization away from losing all they own.

Representative Camp, you will have another opportunity to consider whether your political ideology is more important than your moral obligation to work to benefit all of your constituents. You will have the opportunity to decide what your position of Representative really means: kowtowing to the rich and powerful, or truly representing all of us. The decision is yours, Representative Camp, and we will be watching closely.


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