Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Daisy May Proves One Person Can Indeed Do Something to Make a Difference Beautifully

It's a half day's drive from Mount Pleasant to the middle northern part of the Upper Peninsula, but it is one of Michigan's most beautiful and least settled parts of the state and a huge corporation could wind up doing to the UP what strip mining did to parts of Kentucky and West Virginia many years ago.

Dead fish and polluted streams could be the UP's fate when Kennecott uses a problematic method of mining and fudges environmental impact statements and a small band of folks are trying to stop it. In Mid-Michigan we know what Dow Chemical has done to the Tittibawasee and Saginaw River watersheds and they've been in denial for decades and just south of us millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent to clean up the Pine River in the St. Louis area.

Can a small band of folks in the UP actually do anything to stop what some folks see as inevitable?

I've never met Daisy May, but she and the folks up there have made a statement with music and pictures that reaches out to us in a way that reminds us that all of us live downstream even though we don't always think that way. What happens up there in the UP is important for generations to come, just like it happened to us.

After you take a moment to listen to Daisy May's clear voice sing her poetry and remind you why our environment is worth fighting for, click on the donate button to make a small or large contribution and then click over to our website too where you can click to help us keep our office open here in the heart of Michigan.

Then think about using your talents whatever they are to help us think globally and act locally to elect officials who really care about all of us and not just the large corporations who keep them in office.

Here is Daisy May's Message

And here is where you can contribute to help fight Kennecott

And here is where you can act locally to contribute online. Just go to our web page and click on Contribute just below the main header.


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