Saturday, September 22, 2007

While Other Dems in the US Senate Cave, Carl and Debbie Stand Tall Against Lies

Whether you liked the headline or not in the MoveOn ad, the point was being made that Bush administration lies about the status of the Iraq war need to be challenged. General Petraeus has lied to us before in 2004 about the status of the war and is going to do it again, was the point of the ad and that was backed up with substantial hard evidence from other reports on Iraq.

And while some other Democratic US Senators voted with the Republicans on a resolution in support of the general and against the alleged personal attacks on him, our Michigan Senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow courageously did not support that shameful resolution. It is hard to imagine why any Democrat who actually read the MoveOn ad would consider it a personal attack.

At a time when war critics are vilified daily on the Fox Network as being unpatriotic, it seems foolhardy if not hypocritical to "condemn" MoveOn for saying in a headline what we are all thinking. That General is a toady for the Bush administration and he has forgotten his Constitutional pledge to the people. He put himself into the position of telling lies that are no longer believed when they come from the White House. And now some Dems seem to forget why so many of us fought so hard in 2004 and 2006 to help to change our representation in Washington.

The headline of the MoveOn ad was a play on words. But if you actually read beyond the headline, you would have read a simple and true statement. Petraeus has lied about Iraq before and would do it again. Lost in all of the media play was the discussion of this horrible war. Now there is new evidence that as many as a million Iraqi civilians have died thus far.

We were lied into this war and are being lied to again to stay there and waste more lives and our national wealth and honor. Our treasury that should be helping the American people with health care for all, alternative energy to alleviate global warming, a decent education for all of our kids and rebuilding America's deteriorating infrastructure, is being wasted in a war we were lied into.

Our former Allies can only shake their heads about where America is today. But you and I and Debbie and Carl can stand up once again and say, "The war is wrong, we want out of there now."


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Speaking of which, here's one from Daily Kos: Didn't Invent BetrayUs- The Troops Did!

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