Saturday, October 06, 2007

Democracy Matters Starting New Fall Season

ICDP-TV began shooting its new season of Democracy Matters on Thursday night. The growingly popular political discussion show with host John Dinse starts the season with two special guests, the co-founders of the Michigan Democratic Party's Justice Caucus, Paul Stevenson and Judge Rudy Serra.

The Detroit area attorneys have been long time progressive party activists and Judge Serra was an honored debater at CMU while working on his undergraduate degree. The first show of the season is scheduled to be seen in Gratiot, Isabella and Clare counties on Charter Cable Channel 3 as early as Oct. 10. We'll update with scheduled air times soon. We will also be uploading to Google video as well.

Our trained volunteers manned the studio cameras and control booths and this year we have a completely newly designed logo and graphics to give the program a fresh updated look. Check out some more pics of the pre-taping activities here.

ICDP-TV is back on the air this season. We have some other interesting productions planned after we get done editing tons of tape we've shot in the past few months. It's not exactly Ken Burns stuff, but we think you will be informed and perhaps even entertained.

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