Monday, June 18, 2007

Dow Hopes to Do in Thailand What It Has Done in Midland

From a new blog: Below the Radar in Mid-Michigan.

Dow has announced that it is planning to invest in Thailand. In fact, Dow states that it is “committed to turning Thailand into its largest production base in Southeast Asia.” This is going to be an economic and environmental heaven for Dow.

Now the corporation will be able to pollute the environment with the support of the national government. The corporation has been having a more difficult time in Michigan where pesky environmentalists keep suing it for, well, the little things that happen when you are just trying to make a buck. Things like polluting the Tittabawwasse River, or raising the dioxin levels of every living being in the region. Little things like that.

And the only champion poor Dow has is Representative Dave (Rubber Stamp) Camp, who is, among other things, Dow’s shill in Washington. For years, Dave has done everything he can with his limited intellectual skills to cover Dow’s derrière from the lawsuits and environmental studies that might show how badly Dow has debauched the area. Good ol’ Dave. I wonder if he speaks Thai?

Excuse me while I make a personal remark to Andrew Liveris, Dow’s CEO. Andy, when you are in Thailand, watch out for men who look Indian: remember, the Indian government has issued a warrant for your arrest. It’s about that little blowup in...what is the town...oh, yes, Bhopal. Remember Bhopal? Those greedy survivors (there are what, 800,000 of them now?) want to know why Dow insists that no one was responsible for killing 15,000 of their friends and families. Just a friendly caution.

One final request: could you take some pictures of Thailand so we can remember what the country looked like before Dow arrived? That way we can look at the pictures years from now and say, hey, that used to be a beautiful country.


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