Thursday, June 07, 2007

Film "Energizes" ICDP Meeting: Prompts Mercury in CFL Discussion

A documentary film that suggests America's energy and global warming problems are completely solvable through energy conservation and renewable energy prompted a lively discussion at the ICDP monthly meeting Thursday night. "Killowatt Ours" from documentary film maker Jeff Barrie has an interesting take on national energy policy essentially saying that we should rely on ourselves first to move national policy away from the non-renewable, earth destroying fossil fuels.

Not too surprisingly, most of our local Democrats have already been moving towards energy saving devices like compact fluorescent lamps (CFL's). Dr. Charles Novitski, who led the discussion said he noticed substantial savings on his electric bill when he switched to CFL's in his home.

Some Democrats at the meeting noted they had heard the CFL bulbs have mercury in them, but Novitski noted the amount of mercury is not significant. Free press columnist Susan Ager just addressed the issue in her column on Wednesday.

Canadian officials also offer a more detailed explanation confirming that mercury in CFL's is not a major issue and offers advice on proper disposal.


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