Monday, May 21, 2007

Internet Wars, Part 6

Common Cause just sent out this alert: In an interview with Forbes, incoming AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said he wants to see a two-tiered system on the Internet: big business websites in the fast lane, everyone else in a slow lane. The FCC is holding hearings until June 15th-let them know: hands off our Internet.

The battle never stops, it seems. Stephenson and the rest of the big telecoms want to dismantle the Internet. Since Granholm caved in and gave the store away in Michigan, AT&T has been rolling over activists in Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Georgia, breaking down franchising regulations under the guise of "increasing competition."

One of their goals-turning the free Internet into a huge money-maker-has always been part and parcel of their national strategy. In a way, it's refreshing that the incoming CEO is up front about his desire for a two-tiered system. Go to the Common Cause site ( to sign the petition that will be presented to the FCC.


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