Sunday, April 08, 2007

Virtual Town Hall with Presidential Candidates is sponsoring a virtual town hall for all the Democratic presidential candidates on Tuesday, April 10, 7:15 p.m. All you need to participate is a fast Internet connection and a phone.

At last week’s meeting of the ICDP, we were told that the schedule for the coming presidential primaries is in disarray, and it is likely that they will be clumped together so that they fall on the same day or within a very few days of each other. Until now, with staggered primaries the candidates have been able to move their volunteers and paid professionals from state to state as needed. If the primaries come together, the candidate with the most money to pay the greatest number of people wins. The “people’s party” will finally become the party of the rich who are able to donate their millions to the candidate of their choice. is one of the grassroots organizations that are trying to return the party to the rest of us. This is the first attempt to hold a national “town hall” where all the candidates will respond to questions from, well, from us. This means we can hear what their ideas are, and what they want to accomplish directly from them and not from the 30-second sound bites assembled by spin doctors.

You will have to sign up for the town hall (no charge). To do this, go here.
If you have a speaker phone or speakers for your computer, you are encouraged to turn this into a house party–it will be more fun with other people. So take advantage of this historic event.


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