Saturday, April 21, 2007

Senator Levin and Funding for the War

A thoughtful article by Ray McGovern appeared in the Detroit Free Press yesterday. It was concerned with Cheney’s public assurances that Senator Levin will continue to push for funding the war in Iraq even if Harry Reid and other Democrats keep telling him that the only way to stop the war is to cut funding. You can read the article here.

Levin is a good man as well as a true patriot who loves his country and cares deeply about the men and women who protect us. As McGovern points out, he also is a major recipient of campaign funds from Israel and various Jewish organizations. McGovern does not accuse Levin of any ethical conflict, but wonders if he might on some level be influenced by Israel’s desire to keep a US military presence in Iraq.

I sent an email to Levin via his website, which means some low-level assistant might, just might, see it. But I am curious about what his reaction might be to the article. My email note is below.

“Would Senator Levin care to comment on this opinion piece in the Detroit Free Press, published April 20? The title is “Levin give Cheney reason to smirk.” The web address is

I should let you know that I am a “blogger” with posts at Michigan Liberal and the Isabella County Democratic Party (ICDP) Dispatch.”


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