Friday, September 08, 2006

More about the coming Leadup to 9/11

From People for the American Way“
“The Path to 9/11” troubles us not only because of its politically motivated errors and fabrications, but also because of the insidious message it sends about how the Constitution supposedly got in the way of preventing the attacks on 9/11.“

“Specifically, the “docudrama” reportedly portrays Clinton administration officials reining in CIA operatives ready to strike Osama bin Laden because those officials are hog-tied by legal restraints. That is entirely fabricated by the author and its implication is that 9/11 was made possible by weak people following outmoded laws. The corollary is an endorsement of the Bush administration’s legislative and PR effort to scare the nation and Congress into rewriting and severely restricting our freedoms and legal standards.“
This is serious stuff, folk. The American public is not given to much reading and deliberation, so the producers of this miniseries are hoping to take advantage of our collective ignorance to once again scare the public into supporting the loss of our freedoms to gain security (?).

WJRT in Flint is passing along the Disney spiel that this is a docudrama that raises issues for further discussion, and that a disclaimer will be presented that states (in so many words) that some parts are fact and some are fiction, and leaves it to the viewer to tell which is which.

If you haven’t written or called your local station, do it right away. This thing airs in the next few days. The person to contact at WJRT is:

Sara Jo Gallock
Program and Marketing Director
WJRT-TV abc12
(810) 257-2827
(810) 257-2833


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