Thursday, September 07, 2006

Contact your local ABC TV affiliate, and soon!

If you listen to one of several ABC affiliates in your area, you might be interested in this letter I have just sent to WJRT, in Flint. Please contact them (email and phone numbers are usually listed on their websites).

As a viewer of WJRT (I live in Mt. Pleasant), I am urging you NOT to televise the docudrama title The Path to 9/11, or, if you televise it, indicate that this is a docudrama and not an actual historical documentary.

By all indications from the media, this mini-series, sponsored by ABC’s parent, Disney, and written by a conservative “think tank,” politicizes this horrific attack on this country, turning it into a conservative Republican revision of history. As I’m sure you are aware by now, although it states that it is based on the 9/11 Commisssion report, it is filled with mistakes, distortions, and outright lies according to members of the Commisssion. It is, in fact, a piece of political propaganda and not a recounting of historical events.

The current administration in Washington has a history of sending press releases to news media disguised as news stories, complete with fictitious “reporters.” Now they have gone one step farther, presenting a political fiction as a documentary. It is no coincidence that this is being released this year shortly before midterm elections that do not seem to bode well for the administration. Since they have not convinced the country that they have made the nation safer, and the “imminent danger” scare tactic has become ineffective, the administration and its supporters have adopted another tactic: “It wasn’t our fault. It was Clinton’s fault.”

I hope WJRT will think several times before airing this without frequent reminders that this is a work of fiction. To do less would be to effectively become part of the government’s propaganda machine. To present it as a legitimate documentary could be in violation of licensing laws and regulations of the FCC. Your station, and ABC, are holders of a public trust, so don’t violate that trust.


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