Thursday, August 24, 2006

Free wireless downtown!

This is great news. I really like what Michelle Sponseller is doing. We need to get more kids downtown, I mean college kids, and before they turn 21.

An agreement between city officials and will create the first free Wireless Internet zone in the city.

Access points will be installed in three or four locations in downtown, which will blanket a roughly 10-block to 12-block area with free broadband, said Jeremy Sheets, president of

Keep building on the downtown. The way to get new jobs, non-Wal-Mart jobs, is to foster a diverse community. That is why Ann Arbor got Google jobs recently. What new tech companies are looking for is smart population, good community, diverse areas. If Mt P can provide a version of that with central michigan prices, I think we would be an attractive community to mid level technology companies.


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