Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Granholm signs legislation to protect children

What's often lost in the DeVos campaign's whining about Granholm is that DeVos's intent to blow a $2 billion hole in the budget is just one of many issues in this campaign.

From WNEM comes this article about another, less-talked-about issue in this campaign: Protecting our families.

Governor Granholm has signed legislation strengthening penalties for sex offenders who target children. Repeat sex offenders will spend life in prison without parole under some circumstances. It's an effort to keep dangerous predators off the streets. The measure applies to those 17 or older convicted of sex crimes against victims 13 and younger.

The law also sets a minimum 25-year prison sentence for first-time offenders who attack victims under 13. Sex offenders released from prison will be tracked through global positioning system technology. The G-P-S monitoring will continue for life for those convicted of first- or second-degree sexual misconduct.

I seem to remember Granholm saying during her first campaign that she wanted to protect families and educate our kids. By signing this legislation and by adopting higher standards hfor high schools, the Governor has made good on these two central promises of her campaign.

Do you think Dick DeVos will make good on his campaign promises if he becomes governor? I doubt it. (Then again, I guess it's hard to make good on promises you don't make.)


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