Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Internet Wars- Part 3

The Internet is bubbling with views and messages about “Internet neutrality” that is being debated in Congress. AT&T, along with several other large telecom corporations, is pouring a million dollars a week into lobbying efforts to keep Congress from writing Internet neutrality into law. The House Commerce Committee has dropped Internet neutrality from its recommendations to Congress (providing more examples for the observation that we have the best Congress money can buy), so it will have to be re-introduced from the floor.

Still uncertain about what all of this means? Go to the following link to watch a video produced by Public Knowledge. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9jHOn0EW8U

It is interesting to note that the biggest benefactor of dropping Internet neutrality is AT&T, the same company that gladly complied with the Bush Administration requests for their customers’ phone records. On May 5, in a Presidential Memorandum, Bush told AT&T (and the other phone companies who gave their records) that the companies were free to lie to their customers and the SEC without legal penalities. Now the Republicans are seemingly ready to allow AT&T to take over the Internet while the regulators look the other way. Does anyone see a “quid pro quo” going on here?


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